Covid-19 Controls

Covid ‘Unlock Restrictions’  July 19 2021 

We will continue to follow the basic Covid safety  guidance but allow more members into the studio depending on the activity involved. 

It will come as no surprise that we will continue to be careful and mindful of the health and well -being of fellow members when we are using the Studio , at this time of the easing of restrictions  

Whilst the Government continues to remove Covid laws,  the guidance is still very relevant , particularly with regard to personal hygiene, social distancing and the wearing of masks in enclosed and relatively crowded places.

When visiting the Studio,   please ensure that you continue to follow the guidance we already practise. Please wear a mask when moving around, only remove it when you are settled in your working space, use the hand sanitiser, and keep apart from others, ensuring that the rooms are well ventilated by opening doors and windows. At least while the summer is with us!!  

Overall, it is your responsibility to look after yourself and others in your group. There are no enforceable laws or rules now, so it up to us and the decisions we may make as a group that will keep us safe. 

 The number of people in the studio at any one time can now be more than 6 and will be determined by generally observing this guidance, particularly spacing and the activity involved. This may now include workshops and demonstrations using one table per person ( 10 tables )  with meetings and talks using an appropriate seating layout which  may allow  more, (possibly 20) we shall have to experiment !! 

Please come in and enjoy painting in the studio with other members, it is there to be used as much as you can!

Happy Days !

Derek Harrison  ( Chairman )