About us

Club facilities

We lease a large studio situated in the Lower High Street area in Cheltenham for the use of all our members when attending groups, talks and courses. There, we have around 1000 square feet of studio space including a kitchen, cloakroom and toilet. We also have shared access to a garden courtyard where we can enjoy the delights of painting outside during the summer months.

The main studio is a large carpeted area, open and airy, with good light from the original showroom windows. Facilities include rostra, easels, display facilities and all the comforts one needs to paint. There's also an extensive library of books about painting together with a number of instructional videos etc, all of which are available on loan to members.

It is easily accessible for the disabled and is centrally heated -  essential if you are a life model!

We aim to provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere in which to paint and socialise with those who have similar interests. 

If you would like to know more, or to visit our studio prior to joining, please feel free to contact the club membership secretary who will try to arrange for somebody to show you around.

How are we financed?

We are entirely self supporting and receive no subsidy from any source. Our annual membership fee pays the rent of the studio (£5,280 per annum at time of printing). All other charges for utilities, council tax, insurance etc are spread over the activities and are run at cost. 

The business background

Although our operating name is Cheltenham Art Club, we are in fact a company limited by guarantee, The Cheltenham Art Society Limited. £1 of every member’s first subscription is their membership of the Company and the limit of their liability. We have no shareholders and any money raised is ploughed back into providing facilities and activities for our members

The Cheltenham Art Society Limited is run by  directors who are elected annually at our AGM in March. They also act as officers on our Club Management Committee, which meets monthly to deal with the day to day running of the club. We have no paid employees and the club is run entirely by volunteers, with expenses paid subject to committee approval when individuals incur costs.

Because we keep charges down this way, we depend on members being prepared to contribute their time, effort and skills towards the various jobs involved in keeping the club going. You may be approached with this in mind.